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Benefits of Gym Goers

  Going to the gym made me realize that it is something that I have to do. Not that i want to do. The reasoning behind that is its ability to boost my confidence and motivation, and it also helps me remove the blinders and realize that anything is possible. there are a lot more benefits; but those three things are most important to me.

  I never thought that I would reap a bigger reward then losing a couple of pounds and possibly feeling better about my over all physical appearance. I’m happy to say that I was wrong for thinking so limited when it comes to working out. It’s something I believe everyone should do on a daily for at least an hour. I know that to some it may seem like a long time to be focused on something that you believe that you’re not going to enjoy. if you stick with it and workout even when you don’t want to, it changes from something you feel like you have to do to stay in shape to an addiction. For the simple fact of the endorphins, the after high, the clarity of mind, and the calmness that comes over you. Once you experience these benefits you will want to continue to experiencing them. The best part about it is it’s FREE!!! The only thing it requires are your time, energy, and commitment


  For those of you that still believe exercise is only good for getting and staying in shape please try it out for yourself for at least a month and you will realize how much of a difference that it brings to your life. Keep in mind it has the power to enhance who you are by making you more present in your everyday life, so that your capable of living a life full of purpose.



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