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The Health of a Nation

Vegan, vegan, vegan. I guess that is the new thing to be. I mean it seems like that is the thing that we all should have been anyway. Think about it, most of us feel our best when we eat tons of fruits and vegetables and eat less of the fatty stuff like meats and cheeses. Common sense right?? I think so, but the thing that stops most of us from eating those healthy things is the taste, and also the association with the word healthy. Well i know for me it’s those two things, it may not be for you. The point is if we cared more about our health and less about our taste buds we all would be alot healthier.  

In actuality  health is something that most of us in America is lacking.  Many of us don’t know what real food is,  younger generations think that beans and weenies or ravioli is real food, but it’s not. With that said; a lot of us need a nutrition class all the way through school, that can help us seperate actual food from chemicals in a box. Really, that is what it is coming down to; It’s sad. What’s even worse is the same place that most of us call home is the same place that allows big food companies to aid in killing its people every second of every day. I know people would say that it is the choices that people make that makes them fat or unhealthy. True, it is for the most part but its also the lack of knowledge about all these processed foods that many of us have made a staple in our diets. 

  I mean really, have you ever just sat back and people watched and just taken in everything. If you have you would see that it’s obvious most of us are unhealthy. I can’t tell you how many protruding stomachs, rolls, acne, and yellow tented skin I’ve seen. I just know that too many of us have health problems and are either too lazy, stubborn, or busy (myself included) to do something about it. Im not saying that everyone has to be vegan to be healthy. Im just saying that we need to start making more conscious choices about the foods we choose to eat. If your someone like myself who didnt or doesnt know much about health, read; it will all make sense eventually. Also know that once you get use to eating in a healthier way it will become second nature and you won’t crave for the greasy starchy overly processed foods as much because you have become concious of the possible harms these foods can do to your body. Also you will start to feel and look better. Once that starts to happen; why would you want to turn back??


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