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Know what your Eating?  GMO [genetically modified organism]- Is an organism whose genome has been altered by techniques of genetic engineering, so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found in its substance.    Image result for gmo foods

In some people’s opinion GMO’s are not harmful. Many people think that there is no real difference between organic and genetically modified foods. I guess most people don’t care about what they eat these days. That’s what it seems like anyway. But I think people need to start caring more about what they consume. Before you know it everything that we eat will be genetically modified and soon people will not be able to grow their own food because there will not be any actual seeds left for people to take control of their health and produce their own food (While we still have the option). We will be even more depended on those that control the 99% of the population. That is why I say buy organic when you can. I understand that it is expensive. That is only do to the fact of so many of us giving into the ways that the 1% want our society to live and operate. If we continued to eat the way that we knew was a healthier way of living we would be a lot better off right now. Health problems would not be running ramped in our communities and we wouldn’t be losing countless amounts of family members do to health related illnesses.

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Did you know that it was not that long ago that candy companies were using sugar beets as a sweetener, and that 95% of sugar beets grown in North America are genetically modified? That may be a key reason as to why Americans seem to be getting fatter and fatter. I mean really have you ever thought about it? It makes perfect sense. You put something in your body that is not easily digestible like processed meats, cheeses, cookies and cakes that have expiration dates. All theses things most times were made from something else that did not come from nature. By eating things that weren’t originally made for human consumption or by chemically altering natural fuel for the body you throw the chemical balance off. That is why so many of us are walking around with protruding stomachs, hair loss, cancer, and so on and so on. That is just one major reason that we all need to be more mindful about the things that we put into our bodies.Image result for gmo sugar beets

There are too many people who think that its ok to have a crappy diet. I’m here to tell you that you can eat crap for only so long until you start to see the effects of not eating a proper diet. I’m sure that there are women out there that know exactly what I’m talking about. Men can probably get away with it a little longer than we can. Be warned men, when your diet starts to take a toll on you it seems to be way worse. Take care of yourself while you can. Learn  to grow your own fruits and vegetables. That is just one way out of many that you could start to take control of your health.

Also if you’re not a big fan of written research you might want to check out some of these movies that go further into detail of what GMO’s can do and some cases will do to the body and environment. Movies like CONSUMED, GMO OMG, and GENETIC ROULETTE The Gamble of our lives are just a few that give you a more thorough way of what we’re up against when it comes to GMO’s.



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