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Reasons to dump your old job and get a new one

I am at a lose for words. Highly pissed to the 100th degree. But i know that it is my own fault for remaining at a job that is not on my level. I’m sure that there are many other people that have to bite their tongue to preserve their job. But the question I continuously ask myself is, ” Is it worth it?” The longer I’m here the more I feel compelled to say “F*** this s***, and just walk off. But because I’m responsible and don’t care for change I stick it out. It’s a continuous circle of disappointment and disgust. I’m sure that there are many other people that feel this way or felt this way about their current or previous employer. I know I’m not alone.

The only question now is “what is your next move?  ” Are you going to remain working for a company that disrespects and undermines your intelligence? Or are you going to finally use your intelligence to get to that place that you should be? I also know there are many of us out here that are at dead end jobs because we are afraid. Afraid of failing at the very thing that you know deep down you were put on this earth do. What you have to know and be confident about is that one thing that you can do better than anybody else. That thing that you are passionate about and know that you couldn’t live your life with out doing. I have this same struggle with myself. It is so much easier to talk about it rather than do it, because when your just talking about it there is no accountability.

Understand that life doesn’t always go the way that you plan, but there is never a reason not to live your purpose. The longer that you are doing something just because of material value; the more you will start hating that thing because it is not fulfilling your purpose or your soul .  If we all found a way to live as we always have wanted this world would be a lot better than what it is. Choose your own path and never stray from it because of an outside force.

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