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Why is it when ever a person of color is killed the news media has a way of making it seem as if the person that was doing the killing did the society a favor by killing them? Typically when the killer is white. I want to put out there that I have no problem with anyone of another race it just saddens me and also pisses me off when I see so many people of color get killed as if it were a norm; and the ones that seem to be doing the majority of the killing are white men.

The killings as I said seem to be becoming a norm but another thing has been going on for years and we are just starting to take notice of it and that is the disappearance of young African-American and Latina women and girls. This seems to have become a plague to many communities but has not been given the recognition it deserves. Many news outlets don’t shine light on the things that are going on with quote unquote urban communities. There have been countless amounts of people who have gone missing. Take for example the 64, 000 black women that have been missing since 2010. That is a very large number of women to have gone missing and no one seems to have made a big issue about it. Where as if the majority of the women missing were women of privilege most of these cases would have been solved. I have no doubt in my mind that tells me other wise. Many times the news tries to insinuate that it has everything to do with the financial level of the family, but you’re not fooling me. It has everything to do with that child’s ethnicity and how far their family is willing to go to get justice. On another note, I believe that it will take years maybe even a couple of centuries before we are able to be on a somewhat equal playing field, but it is possible. I also believe the key is to educate your babies from birth about everything. There is no such thing as they are too young to learn something, because children are capable of learning a large range of concepts before the age of five. Don’t leave it up to the school to teach your child everything you think they should learn. Little known fact teachers don’t do much teaching these days. They train; train children to be good test takers. If your lucky your child may be blessed with a teacher that wants to teach and also wants to provoke your child to think. But great teachers are usually few and far in between. So it is up to you to mold them into that fearless inquisitive bright thought provoking spirit that you want them to become.

One more thing. For the people that always watch the news and believe everything that is reported please watch skeptically. Reason being, many times those stories or broadcast are reported laced in suggestive speech. That means that you will have to learn to read between the lines and sometimes (always) do your own research so that you know what really took place.

Below is a graph of missing women broken up into ethnicity (minorities only)

Startling: A total of 273,985 minorities were reported missing in the United States, according to the FBI in 2010  - this is the percentage breakdown  based on race

Graph provided by:–forgotten–toll-missing-black-women-U-S.html

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