story telling

Looking In The Mirror

Do I have to apologize for the way that you made me feel? Shouldn’t it be you giving me the apology? That is what anyone with common sense would believe. But you, your to into yourself to realize what your doing and have been doing to me. There seems to be no end to your destruction.

I often times sit and visualize how my life would be with out you. But quickly dismiss the thought because I dont want to be anything like you. Your reasoning and constant need to be in control is a disease that seems to continuously spread. When is it going to stop?! This need for control is going to your head.

Countless people suffer because you have no concern or remorse for people that don’t embody your essence. There is no need to always be “King”. Learn to love and let be instead of conquer and destroy. Destory lives, souls, aspirations. Im sure you know what your doing and have been doing, but your sense of entitlement will not let you admit to it.

I guess the question now is “what am I going to do to loosen your grasp?” Simple, “I’m going to do what is necessary to obtain my greatness in spite of that lethal ingestion that is known all to well by diversity. You want to change me, but see no fault in yourself. Condemn me for being only what I am and nothing more.

You were created the same as I, so why are we viewed so different. We may be different but that is only in appearance. I bleed just as you, I love just as you, and I fear just as you. I have just one question, ” Intellectually what makes us different?

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