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The Number One Killer

Many people believe that GMOs are a gimmick to get you to pay more for your fruits and vegetables. Actually GMOs also known as Genetically Modified Organisms are very real and they pose a huge threat to us daily. I’m sure many of us don’t know and are not concerned with finding out what a GMO is. But we have to do better with how we treat our bodies. Some people are not even sure how food plays a huge part in our longevity and how alive we feel daily. If this is you, you have plenty home work to do. Don’t feel bad because this was me just a couple of years ago. Now I’m starting to change my view points on what I consider food. There are things that we all eat daily that have not and will never be considered food in another country. That is because by nutrition standards it has no health benefits just empty calories that if injested frequently will help you to gain a lot of unwanted weight.

Just the other day I was watching a show that featured some doctors and a man by the name of Jeffrey Smith. They happened to be doing a show on GMOs and how they can affect the body. Some of the ways were infertility, autism, accelerated aging, cancer, damage to the pituitary gland and the list goes on and on. I’m starting to think that “the powers that be” are putting these poisons in our food because they want population control. I mean really, Why else would there be toxins in almost everything that we reach to consume? There are other options of NON-GMO, Organic, natural, or Organic and NON-GMO in one product. The problem is most people do not know the difference, that’s why Organic and NON-GMO are so expensive ( because people think that it is all the same thing and they don’t take the time to learn of the healthier options also sometimes people just don’t care). If we started to buy Organic and NON-GMO frequently the prices would go down and GMO foods could be banned. I’m sure if you are only thinking of yourself you probably won’t make the change but think about the people that are closes to you. Do you want them to come to you crying one day because they’re infertile, or developed cancer or have to have a hysterectomy because they have large growths in their uterus? I’m sure you don’t. I know I wouldn’t. But unfortunately I have had someone close to me go through something like this. It was not easy to deal with. The whole time I tried looking for natural ways to cure this person. But I knew that even if I did find the magic herb or herbs to make everything better that it was up to that person to change the way they saw food and want to make that change to save their ‘life’.

The hardest thing is to know how to help someone, give them that information and they not use it for the betterment of them self. I’m hoping that by reading this it will grab your attention and make you want to make this change from GMO to NON-GMO and or Organic foods. At first it will be a little expensive but once you get the hang of it you will find spots that sell Organic and NON-GMO for next to nothing. Please be conscious of what you eat. One other thing GMOs are also the cause of obesity. That may be the reason that so many of us are fat and getting fatter as time passes. The truth is that our body doesn’t know how to break the foods down. The reason for this is because man decided that he wanted to play God and inject different genes into the different fruits and vegetables that are grown, for example: insect genes into potatoes and strawberries or viruses into the corn.

Apparently this is why America is so sick. Where not eating real food. Most of us eat things that are dehydrated, chemically processed, or loaded with sugar. The foods that we should eat more of are things grown out of the grown with out the aid of Round up or Monsanto. I know that if we took the time to grow most of our own food we all would be a lot healthier. There would not be so many of us dying from hypertension, heart disease, and cancer just to name a few. Take action and stop playing the victim. At anytime you can decide to change your diet and feed your body what it needs instead of what “you” want.

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