story telling


It seems that it was never made known to the general American population that fluoride was a toxic chemical that has been used in our water supply for more than 100 years. It’s still unclear to me why this very harmful chemical is being used to treat our water, also in our toothpaste, and countless other products. I’m thinking that it could have something to do with controlling the population and continuously lining their pockets with more cash than they could ever spend in one life time. 

  You try to have faith in humanity and then you come across things like this. I’m not sure what happened in these peoples’ lives that made them act in such devilish and selfish ways. But these people that are making these decisions are our government. I know a lot of us want to trust and believe in our country, but the more I dig the more I realize that is the furthest thing from the truth. Just to name a few of the things that shows our well being is not of any concern to them, fluoride, GMOs, racism, medicine made in labs, lethal experiments on uninformed subjects that may cause death or crippling side effects, the constant dehumanization of people that are diverse or less fortunate, and the list continues to get longer the more you dig. Most of us don’t realize it, but all of these things are to keep us preoccupied so that we will not take a closer look at what the owners of this country are really trying to do. It almost seems like they’re our masters and we’re their pets. For example: think of the way they stay in power, by keeping “us” (the general population)  distracted. How do they do that? Racism, sexism, poisoning and manipulating our foods, keeping our minds ideal with television (other electronics) and so on and so on. 

  One very important thing to keep in mind is ” the media has some form of control over the way you feel, view, and think about EVERYTHING. Most of the things we indulge in are mainly do to visual stimulation and being socially excepted and loved, suggestively by the same person(s) that are trying to sale it.

  It’s not exactly known why we are treated as dumb unintellectual cattle besides the facts of our constant fear of being different and seemingly always finding more comfort in following the crowd rather than standing out. Think how nice it would be to bring friends and family information and they actually “read” to find out if your facts were straight. That’s the biggest problem people do, is not read. If we read more often instead of relying on television to tell us everything. There would be very little that could get passed us collectively. You may have never thought about it but a lot of things are hidden in plain site, and you’ll never know because you are or have become to lazy to do what’s necassary to take care of yourself and your family.

  If you don’t believe reading is fundamental research the amount of people that have missed out on great opportunities such as keeping their freedom, winning the lottery, what ever the opportunity it was missed because of failure to communicate through written word.

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