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Illusive Right

I’ve heard recently that women will no longer have the right to have abortions. I’m not understanding how a life altering event for a woman could no longer be in her own control. A man can choose to walk away from his responsibilities of being a father at any time; but a woman can’t?!  If she is forced to play a role in that childs’ life; the father of that child should have to go through the same things with her. Women don’t lay down and get pregnant on their own. So why should they be forced to raise these babies on thier own. If that was a requirement there would be less baby making and more raising. Men would stop impregnating women if they knew that they had to give more than money.

  Time is something that you can never get more of. That is why I think these men that want to spread their seed everywhere should have to spend a minimum of 20hrs a week with every child they ever fathered. By making that a requirement it would help the children involved to become a more developed individual. It will also make the father/ sperm donor think before they engage in unprotected intercourse with a woman they had no intention of making their wife in the first place. 

  What boggles my mind is men having the control to decide what a woman is allowed to do with HER body. I guarantee if men could get pregnant their whole perspective on abortions would change. I’m not saying that its right. I’m just saying that the choice should remain tangable. If not, alot of these young girls that find themselves in compromising situations are going to start dying from botched abortions like they use to. Just keep that in mind if you have a daughter.

  I’m almost positive that people believe that women who choose to have abortions or put their children up for aboption are very selfish individuals. That isn’t always the case. Many mothers I’ve talked to say that they gave their children up because they wanted their child to have the best and they knew that they weren’t in the position to give that to them. So they made the decision to let someone else give that to them or in other cases not bring that child into the world.

 Everything is perception. Never judge with out knowing the full story.

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