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Know your worth

When did it become acceptable for men to insist that their woman let them have more than one woman?  I could understand if they both were getting something out of the situation, but that isn’t the case most times.  The reason that is, is do to the man of the relationship wanting his cake and eating it too; but not wanting his woman to indulge in the same practices with other men.  I feel if I have to suck it up and deal with you having sex with other women you should have to do the same if I want to introduce another or other men to our relationship. 

 It’s just plain ol selfish to make a woman feel like she has to lower her self to be with you.  All because you want to  take dips in other ponds.  I’ve always known relationships to only be  structured for two people (romantically anyway). I understand that other countries believe that men have the right to take on other wifes or mistresses solely because they are the providers; that doesn’t mean it’s  right.  

  Most times I think men like to take care of women because they love that sense of control and feel that they have the right to tell their woman what she can and can not do.  Ladies if you don’t like giving up your power please learn to be independent and only give up a little bit of that when that man has proven himself worthy of being something significant, like your husband.  Watch him for at least three years or until he puts that ring on your finger and marries you.  Take your time, also carry yourself with  respect and confidence.  When men see that a woman has unwaivered confidence for herself and her body they take note and step their game up in attempts to get her.  The other thing to keep in mind is never let him treat you like you deserve less than what your worth, and that is a commitment, loyalty,  and companionship

   Know that until he decides to marry you and be everything you need in a man their should never be a life altering compromise.  If a change needs to be made;  you decide that for yourself.  Do not let feelings of guilt and fear play a part in your changing for him.  I can almost guarantee that if you do, your going to be kicking yourself later on.  Also get to know you and your wants and needs before you become someone’s woman. You owe it to yourself.

Learn to be your own everything before you can become someone else’s nothing.,,,80012.0.html

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