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Find comfort in the uncomfortable

Ah, the land of the free. True, that is what we are known for being. But have you ever really thought of that concept of being  “free”? Total freedom is when you have not a care in the world. So when you think about it most of us aren’t really free. A lot of us work nine to five jobs that have the tendency to consume our lives. So many of us don’t get that opportunity to live the way that we want for fear of not being able to take care of our responsibilities.

I’m sure there are many people who would be doing something else with their life rather than spending countless hours at a dead-end job that is incapable of giving you the type of fulfillment you crave, that is no way to live. If you’re a mother or father I’m sure you feel that your children fulfill you.  But that isn’t your only purpose for being on this earth, living the life you have. No doubt, being a parent plays a big part in who you are. But it’s important to remember it isn’t all that you are. If we really want to get technical, parents are our first influencers. You are the ones that get first dibs on making us into whatever we become. So keep in mind if you are a go getter most likely your children will be the same way. That goes for pretty much any trait that you have.

So I say that to say this, if there is something that you love doing and you know without reasonable doubt that it’s your calling, do it. Whether you get paid for it or not. You will draw so much from it that you will continue to do it because it brings happiness to you and once others see that you are happy doing something you love it makes them want to go out and do something they love. You help create change and spread positivity when others see that you are winning in this game called life.

I’m sure if a lot more of our daily encounters were positive we would be more optimistic and less pessimistic when it comes to daily interaction with others. By being fearless and developing a positive mindset you take control of the amount of negativity you let in, and the better you get at focusing on the positive rather than the negative the more doors and opportunities will open up to you.

Live on your terms, and make sure to spread positivity and change with every word you speak and everything you do. I’ve had people look at me crazy for the simple fact of being different because I wanted to speak of ways to elevate myself and ways that they could elevate their self. At first, it’s of no interest to them because they feel that it is unobtainable, but the more that I speak to them about it the more they see it as a possibility.

Continue to inspire, and remember never allow anyone to dim your light because they can’t understand your shine.

Photo Provided By: http://tracey-lee-cassin-art.blogspot.com/2018/09/elevate-yourself.html

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