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Committed Relationships 

Committed relationships seem like a thing if the past. It feels like most people like the idea of someone being faithful to them but don’t understand that they also have to be faithful for that type of relationship to work.  The older I get it seems like more and more people are giving in and settling for these open relationships. If you were to talk to some if these people you would know that the only reason that they agree to have relationships like that, is do to them not wanting to get hurt or look dumb in the end.  Granted there may be a few unicorns out there.

     Also it has become a norm to cheat on your spouse. There are no real consequences anymore. If there were, alot of people would covet relationships way more than they do. We don’t value each other like husband and wife did 50 years back.  They had each others back no matter what,  and they were stronger for it.  There was divorce but not how divorce is used today.  Divorce today is used for basic reasons, for example falling out of love or falling in to lust with someone else.  Becoming so blinded by lust that you think it’s love and countless other idiotic reasons. 50 years ago they learned how to get past the hurdles and have a deeper connection and love than just surface. They became each others best friend.  These days that is hard to find,  because everyone is more concerned with getting rid of the problem rather than solving it.  Many marriages and relationships have the potential to become great partnerships.  The problem is they’re broken before they have the chance to develop in to their greatness. 

These days when something is broken or complicated we push it to the side or throw it away and get another one. That way of thinking has transpired down to the way alot if us treat one another. It’s a shame though, because we are much more valuable than objects.  If you disagree take the time to think about some of the people that have made a difference in your life, just by being there to guide and inspire you to evolve.  If you were blessed to have those or that type of person in your life you already understand your worth and theirs. 

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