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Love Thy Self

When was it ever exceptable for a man to feel it’s okay to put a woman, let alone his woman in harm’s way?!

Go ahead I’ll wait……

I hope your answer was never, because you are never suppose to wish harm on anyone especially someone you consider your other half. If you feel like that you might as well not be with them. Truth is no matter man or woman, if that’s someone you mess with heavy you should respect them enough to want to keep them safe. All these people out here trying to set up their quote unquote boo need something done to them in the worse way. Especially these men that think it’s entertaining to have females fighting over or because of them. These type of boys are not men. A man with respect for self and women would not engage in f*** boy behavior such as this.

Disrespecting women is in many ways disrespecting yourself. Never forget you came from a woman. The sense of respect should run deeper when there’s a child involved. Remember this woman didn’t have to have your baby, but she did. So now you and her are bound together for life. That alone should grant the mother of your child the respect enough not to do or wish harm on her. But like I stated before we are living in the time of the f*** boy. I’m sure there are guys out there that have very disloyal and disrespectful babys mothers. Your not the ones I’m talking about. I’m speaking of the women that do the right thing by their babys father, but still seem to get the short end of the stick.

You know what the problem is though? The problem is women giving their hearts’ to guys that don’t know what to do with it. Loving them more then they love their self. But I can’t completely blame these broken relationships on only men or only women, because it has been a shared effort. Most likely it hasn’t been intentional, but a learned behavior that needs to be broken. If not I fear that these broken relationships are going to keep being emulated by our children our children’s children and so on until they learn how to break the cycle.

In order for relationships to flourish there has to be a give and take. The problem is to many people want to take because they’re afaid to give for fear of being played. The problem with that is you never learn how pleasurable your relationship could be because your to busy trying not to look weak. Alot of us have been hurt by past relationships and maybe are still being hurt by current ones. The key is to work on fixing the problems. If they can’t be fixed move on. Life is already full of choas no need for unnecessary drama.

Always remember to love yourself. Never look outwardly for validation, because the only opinion of yourself that matters is your own.

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