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Most of us don’t realizing how limiting fear can be. In many cases fear has the ability to stop many of us from living the best life possible. Just take a second to think how fear has impacted your life. This is especially true if you are working  to make someone else’s dreams a reality. That same effort and time that you are putting in to becoming a good employee could have been spent with you becoming your own boss.

Many people go in to a job believing that they are only going to be working for someone else for a couple of years. Then that couple of years turn into their whole life. The problem is that to alot of us become complacent, and reliant on that paycheck and the fact that their job is going to be there day in and day out. That is the problem with many of us, we don’t think of a bigger picture. We think that the bigger picture is too hard to obtain. Two things for certain, if you want to be the leader of your own dreams you have to kick complacency and reliance far out of your mind. Those are two things that will not serve you if you are trying to make your own way in this world. I know that is what you feel that you need. But the reality is it’s not what you need, it’s what you want. Another thing, working for someone else is only going to get them richer, not you. True you are going to be getting a small sliver of that pie, but chances are your not making a fraction of what that company is making off of you. So all of those man hours your putting in, are hours you could have been putting in to your own company, reeping the maximum benefit. But your there, working for someone else because it’s safer. After all their company is established. There’s no risk in valved, from what you can see.  One thing to remember is that there is always a risk in what ever you do. You may think that your job is always going to be there and there is nothing that can happen, but there are plenty of businesses that go out of business everyday. People lose their jobs everyday with out any warning.  At least if you own your own business you would know what was coming your way with out being blindsided, how many of these people are that work for these big corporations.

Finally, stay open to all possibilites. Never forget that you were not only put on this earth to work and go through hardship after hardship. So learn how to love what you do. If there’s no way that you could love what you do. Find something that you love doing and monitize that. Life is way to short to be misearable.


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