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I always wondered if people realized the control that money has on almost everything that we do. It controls how you live, where you live, how hard you work, if you eat, where you can go and it even can determine if you live or die, in some cases. A lot of us don’t really pay attention to how much power simple pieces of paper that are called currency affect our lives. People don’t seem to understand or care that the government uses things like paper currency to have us at odds with each other. Something that is so simple to make  and get. But is only worth something because we believe it is. We play into their hands day in and day out, every time we work hard, mainly for the check and not the actual job. When you find yourself working more just to get the check and not because you love what you do, it can make you bitter. People always say that money is the root of all evil. If you really want to be technical, money isn’t the root of evil, people’s greed for it is. And the ones that control what some people have or are able to get are the ones that make living just a little bit harder than it already is.

I understand that you have some people out there that are fine with the way things are. That is mainly due to the fact that those that like the way things are, are the ones that are winning in this life. I always felt that we were given life to experience it, to make deep connections, and to see how beautiful this world is that we live on. But for many of us those opportunities have either been cut short or have been taken completely away. This is due to a number of things. But I am going to concentrate on the money aspect for now. Money is one of the biggest reasons that many of use never leave the country. It cost too much to go to far away lands that you may dream of going to, but don’t because you know that it’s going to break your pocket.

Sometimes I think of how this world would be with out a form of currency. What if we just traded goods? I believe that would make people warmer toward one another. I also believe that most of these killings, and other senseless crimes would not be happening at the rate that they do. Mainly because people would be talking to one another rather than cutting off communication with someone because they feel like they don’t need or want to get to know that person.

Back in the day there were fewer crimes committed. You know why? There were a lot more happy people. You wanna know why those people were happy? Because, they had a better chance of meeting new people on the regular. Do you know what the regular is now? Social media. People have become so wrapped up in themselves and where they’re trying to get to in life, they have little time to open themselves up to meeting new people the old fashion way (in person). Meeting people through cyber space has become the norm because everyone is thinking, the harder they work the more they will be able to get ahead. Not concerning themselves with the acts of creating a bond with others, working for that good ol American dollar. Forgetting about what’s really important (friends and family). 

In conclusion make your time count. Love the people closest to you, and never take advantage that they’re always going to be there when you need them, because one day they won’t.


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