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Loyalty Part 2

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“You see, that’s the reason I didn’t want to tell you!”
“Oh, so you weren’t going to tell me huh?!”
“That’s not what I meant!” He already knew that he lost the argument. That’s how he lost plenty of arguments with Stacy, saying just a little bit too much.
“We’re here!….. Thank God!”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing. Can’t I just be happy to be at work?”
“Mmmmhm. Yeah like I really believe that.”
“It’s not for you to believe.” Come on let’s go.”
“Don’t be rushing me!”
“I’m not rushing you! Stay in the car! Get out when you ready! I don’t care either way.
You really doing the most this morning.”
“Whatever. How do you expect me to act when you spring something like this on me?”
“Stacy I don’t have the time to argue with you. Some of us do actually have to work for a living.”
“No, the hell you didn’t go there! I’m the reason that you have this record label to begin with! Don’t make me tell it all because I will!”
“Baby, why are you making this bigger than what it is?”
“Because you thinking that you are going to try me and that there’s nothing going to be said about it.
Bro you are sadly mistaken.”
“Baby how did we get here? I thought that we were having a good morning.”
“We were until you tried to sneak some s**t past me!”
“Bae, think about it. If I was trying to sneak something past you I wouldn’t have told you in the first place.”
“Yeah, that’s what you say. But, I’m sure that the only reason that you told me is because you didn’t want to feel guilty. That just lets me know that the girl got to be fine. Because if she wasn’t you probably wouldn’t have even signed her.”
“Now you know that looks don’t matter to me.”
“Yeah, tell that bold face ass lie to someone that doesn’t know you.
I see how you be checking out everything that walks by. The only reason that I don’t say anything is because you have never given me a reason to doubt you.”
“So, way are you acting out now?”
“Because you made a major decision with out me. Also, the more rope I give you to hang yourself, you are doing just that.”
“Well I guess that it doesn’t matter what I say. Since you got it in your mind that I am or I’m going to cheat on you anyway.”
“I never said that. I’m just saying, let me know what’s going on.”
“I do and I will always, let you know what’s going on.”

In the distance Stacy saw a very beautiful, shapely, woman with a deep creamy caramel complexion sauntering over to the car. The site of this woman instantly caused more unknowing friction between Stacy and Jacoby.
“Who is that? That better not be Shadow.”
“Baby just give her a chance. I promise that you are going to love her.”
“Oh, because you do, right? I swear if this turns out to be one of your side hoes I’m gonna beat you ass and hers!”
“Shhhh. Her she comes!”

Chapter 2

“Don’t shhh me!”
Jacoby wasn’t sure how Stacy was going to act. All he could do is hope for the best.
“Hey Boss. Is everything okay?”
“What the f*** you mean is everything okay?!”
“I’m not talking to you!”
“Well, b**** I’m talking to you!”

To be continued…….

If you would like to read this book in it’s entirety, please CLICK the link below.“>LOYALTY

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