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Loyalty Part 3

If you are new to this site and you want to read more of Loyalty, there are 4 parts available. They are under Short- Stories under Loyalty, in order.


“Well, b***h I’m talking to you!”
“Baby, baby, baby, please calm down.”
“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Radcliff. Didn’t know that you two were together.”
“That’s okay Shadow. I’ll see you inside.”
“Okay see you Boss.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Yeah, I bet you are.”
Stacy gave Shadow the stankest face that could be muster.
The feeling of embarrassment showed all over Jacoby’s face.
“What the f**k you looking like that for?! Ain’t nobody tell her to bring her happy ass over here in the first place!”
“Stacy that’s not the point! We are out in public. I have a reap to maintain.”
“Oh, so you trying to tell me that being with me is messing up your reputation?”
“That’s not what I’m saying at all. Stop trippin!”
“You haven’t seen me trip yet. Keep getting slick and you gonna see how bad it can get for you!”
“Whatever! I’m done.”
Jacoby finally made his way out of the car and up to the entrance of Shadetown Records. Stacy was on his heels with every stride.
“Oh, so you ignoring me, now?”
Jacoby continued walking as if he didn’t have a very upset Stacy following close behind him.
“You gonna say something to me before I leave here!”
Jacoby continued toward his office greeting everyone that he came in contact with; as if nothing was wrong, and Stacy followed suit.
Marella, Jacoby’s secretary was all to familiar with Stacy’s and Jacoby’s quarrels. They always seemed to be arguments that started because of Stacy’s jealousy.
Marella never understood why Stacy was so jealous. It seemed like their marriage was paradise. Everything that Stacy ever wanted Jacob was willing to give and he did. Many times 10x over. But just because that is the way that it looked doesn’t mean that, that’s the way that it was.
Although Jacoby constantly confessed his love for Stacy. It made no difference, because Stacy realized early on that Jacoby wasn’t the type of man who could be loyal in a marriage. This realization came about a year after they got married after catching him cheating for the umpteenth time. But by then it was too late because Stacy had already given to much to be done.
Finally entering the office making sure that there was no one within ear shot. Jacoby started to go in.
“I don’t know why you followed me in here! You already know who Shadow is! You could have speared me the headache and just went home.”
“Are you f**king with me right now?! You knew that I was coming to work with you. Why are you getting pissed now?! Oh, I know. It’s because your girlfriend knows that you like d**k now, huh?!”
“why do you do this all the time?!”
“What am I doing?”
“You are making me the center of your insecurities.”
“Oh, so your trying to call me insecure!”
“I’m not saying that you are insecure. I’m just saying that you have some insecurities that you have to work out.
“F**k you!”
“Don’t get mad at me because you have some issues to work out with yourself.”
“If it were not for you I wouldn’t have these issues!”
“Oh, so you are trying to blame your insecurities on me!”
“Who else is responsible for cheating on me in the first year of our marriage?!”
“Stacy, that was so long ago. How much longer do I have to prove myself to you?”
“I, don’t know. I’m trying to let the past be the past but it hurts so much to know that those woman can give you something that I can’t give you.”
“We have had this conversation before. I have my children, and you know that they love you.”
“I know. But what if you decide that you want to have more kids. What is going to become of me and you then?”

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