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Loyalty Part 4

If you are new to this site and you want to read more of Loyalty, there are 4 parts available. They are under Short- Stories under Loyalty, in order.


“I seriously doubt that happens. But if I get the itch to have more children you will be the first to know.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“I promise you that you will know if I want more kids. But like I said I doubt it.
I’m almost 45. What I look like running around with little crumb snatchers at my age?”
“You wouldn’t be the first. There are men out there that are still having kids at 80 and 90.”
“That’s a little too much. I’m not trying to bring life into the world when I know that I am about to be leaving it. That makes no sense.”
“Maybe not to you, but there are men out there that are okay with that.”
“Well, I’m not one of them. So get it out your head.”

“knock… Knock… Knock”

“Who is it?!”
“It’s me, Shadow!”
Stacy instantly got aggravated at the sound of Shadows voice.
“Why you looking like that? Fix your face.”
“What you mean? What I’m looking like?”
“You look like you just sucked on a lemon.”
“Boss is okay if I come in?!”
“Is it important?!”
“Yeah, I believe that it is!”
“Okay, you can come in!”
Shadow was hoping that Stacy wasn’t going to be there when she walked in to the office. But to her surprise, guess who was there? You guessed it, Stacy.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I see this isn’t an appropriate time. I’ll come back later.”
Stacy spoke up. “This is as good of time as any.”
“No, I think I better go. See you later Boss.”
“It’s fine. Like I said this is as good of time as any.”
It took a lot for Stacy to be nice to Shadow. But she figured that she was innocent until proven guilty.
“I’m sorry Shadow. Usually I don’t act in that manor, but when Mr. Jacoby here, told me that he made some changes around here without notifying me first, it made me a little upset.”
“With all do respect. Why would Mr. Radcliff run anything by you?”
“Oh, you betta get ha! Before I buss her head to the white meat! Who the fk she think she is, talking to me like that?! Does she not know who the fk I am?!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought that because Mr. Radcliff is a single man and is the sole owner of the business that all decisions were made by him.”
“Well, that’s where your wrong Honey. I own half of all this shit in here. So if you think that your going to push up on him and get a slice of this pie, your ass is sadly mistaken. Because before that happens I will divorce his ass and take him for everything that he’s worth. Leaving his ass out in the cold and owning yours. So, I don’t think this is what you want.”
“Shadow could you please give us a minute.”
“Yes. I’ll be right outside if you need me.”
“Is this bitch dumb or something! What is it that’s not clicking in that little pea brain of yours Honey?! He won’t need you because he’s got me! So, go on and do whatever it is that you do?!”
Stacy didn’t know it yet, but Shadow’s interest was peaked. Sure Shadow thought that Jacoby was a very attractive man. But, she had no intention of mixing business with pleasure. That is until Stacy disrespected her and gave her a reason to steal Jacoby.
Needless to say, Shadow walked out of the office devising a plan that would shatter Jacoby and Stacy’s relationship, for good.

If you would like to read this story in it’s entirety, please click the link below.“>LOYALTY

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know what you think is going to happen next. Do you think that Stacy is going to have the chance to bust Shadow’s head to the white meat? Do you see Jacoby becoming weak and sleeping with Shadow or is he going to be a good husband and remain faithful? What about Stacy, do you like this character or not?

Happy reading!!!!

2 thoughts on “Loyalty Part 4”

  1. You are doing it and I am pleased to see your works.
    As for the characters, Stacy is so out of pocket and has given Shadow the ammunition to scheme on her with Jacoby.
    It takes two tango and Jacoby will likely become Shadow’s partner, move over Stacy.:-(

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got me over here dying!😂😂😂. Just over here trying to make something out of this thing that I love so much. I hope people are going to love reading it as much as I love writing it.
      But on another note. How have you been, Mrs.Russell?


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