story telling

Learned lessons


What is it about this man that doesn’t sit well with me? He’s the love of my sister’s life, so she says. But I think she’s jumping in to this prematurely. She may love him, but i know for damn sure he doesn’t love her. How are you going to claim to love some one when your pushing up on the next female? I tried telling her but she didn’t want to hear me out. She trusts and loves her man. I don’t feel anyway about it, because I was once in her shoes. The only thing I want to say to her is; Make sure you’re thinking with your head and not your heart. That shit can get you in trouble. Believe me I know all to well how hazy things can get when your heart is involved.

Two abortions and three STDs later I have learned my lesson, and I hope that it doesn’t take that much for her to learn hers. Love don’t live here no more. One thing I know for sure, if he pushes up on me again, I’m gon have him running home crying to his momma. Today he tried to get a little to close. This wasn’t his first time, but it was the first time he was out and open about his attempt to try and fuck me. Yeah, you heard me right. This little nigga wanted a peace of me. He never seemed to consider the fact that it would never happen; first, because he’s with my sister, and second, if he that bold to try to get me who else he screwed that she don’t know about? Third, he just seem like he got a dirty dick. He would probably fuck anything walking if he knew he had a chance.

Now the question is, How am I gonna get it through this girls thick ass head; This nigga ain’t for her? I don’t know, but I’m not finished trying.

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