Rude Neighbors

This is a little lighter of a subject, but it gets on my nerves just as much. Have you ever had those people that live in your community or next door that take advantage of the space and opportunity they have? You know the ones, I’m talking about. Those people that are always throwing parties and having block parties or take up two parking spaces on the regular, littering, playing loud music all day and all night. Not respecting the rights that everyone has in the community.

Noisy Neighbours

This is what I’ve experienced while living in my current place of residence. I’ve been living here for almost 4 years and this is the worst I’ve seen this apartment complex get. When me and my spouse first moved here it was nice, clean and quiet. You didn’t have to worry about people fighting in the hallways, theft or anything like that, this was an okay place back then. But I’ve noticed the more the years pass the worse this property becomes. So, now we’re on a new venture and that is looking for another place to call home. It hasn’t been easy, mainly because here in Palm Beach County apartments are expensive. We have been preparing to find something newer and nicer. We still haven’t found it yet, but I hope to find a place I can call home, soon. Reason being, time is running out. We have to be out of here in another two months, and there aren’t any perspective prospects.

Truth be told, I’ll be happy once we move out of here. The office staff isn’t bad, it’s my neighbors who over step their freedom. There are a lot of things I mentioned, but the one thing that really gets on my nerves is when they stand right in front of our kitchen window/ front door and talk loudly for hours and hours. It’s annoying because their conversations are so loud that it interrupts anything we may be doing.

neighbor mug

I’m not trying to sound like a prude. I just like my serenity, and that is next to impossible to get when you have loud boisterous people right outside of your door having the time of their life. I’m praying that all of that changes when we move. All I want is my one bedroom on the second floor with my balcony and I’ll be in heaven. Do you know how much work I could get done out there?! A lot.

Wish Me Luck

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