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What is the Right Hair Type?

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Why do some people believe they have the right to talk about something on someone else’s body? I don’t care what it is. In this case it is black women’s hair. I came across a video of a video picking apart the person who said the harsh things about black women’s hair. I know we are suppose to have freedom of speech. But, how are you going to talk about something you don’t have, let alone understand?! So you couldn’t possibly understand the struggle the people who own this type of hair, face. This person used descriptions such as dirty, smelly, ratty, and plenty of other unflattering words to describe an average black woman’s hair. But when it comes to describing someone of his race’s hair he had plenty of positive things to say.

There was a point in the video he presented a woman with braids. He started laying into her. Saying “Her hair must stink, because there’s no way she’s able to wash her hair daily, with that type of style.” I’m not going to lie, that made my blood boil. I just wanted to scream. See, the problem with people who don’t hang around or know people of other races is, they are left with their own thoughts about those outside of their race, and most times because their left with their thoughts, they believe their thoughts are right. Although not washing your hair two to three or more times a week can be seen as dirty to someone with a straighter hair type, such as a 1a to a 3b. It’s not viewed as so to those with 3c to 4c hair types. Reason being, we understand what our hair needs.

For someone with a frizzier hair texture such as a 4c, washing the hair daily promotes breakage. As we know, curly hair is the hair type most prone to breakage. We wear our hair in braids, twists, and various other styles to preserve it. I get you may not understand that, if you’re someone who doesn’t have naturally tight curly or kinky hair. All I’m saying is to keep your opinions to yourself, if you don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you’re willing to learn or want to learn more about kinkier or curlier textures, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Just make sure you’re asking in a respectful manner.

Also, black women are told daily what is deemed acceptable and what isn’t, most times by those who don’t look like them. I don’t think our hair should be one of those things. As long as it is neatly maintained, there is nothing else to say. People always want to give an opinion where it isn’t warranted. If you haven’t struggled to get a comb through your hair or struggled to do your hair because it’s so curly the strands wrap around each other, causing what some may consider naps. You have nothing to say to me or to the women that occupy this type of hair.

Further more, why should I have to make myself uncomfortable to maintain a high paying job? Yes, hair plays a really big part when it comes to getting a good job for women with darker skin and tightly curled hair. So much so, it is suggested that these women either where wigs or get their hair altered chemically, which is permanently straightened until the hair is cut off or putting heat to the hair to straighten it. Both are capable of causing irreparable damage, one more so than the other.

My question to you is…..

                            “Why must a person change to be deemed acceptable?” 


Below is a video of black women wearing various protective styles. F.Y.I this is done to preserve the hair to promote growth. Also down below is a list of hair products that have proved to work on textures ranging from 3c to 4c.



List of hair products that I’ve used, and some I haven’t

Denman Brush

Castor Oil  (Works for some hair types. Can be a little heavy for low porosity hair)

Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Masque

Scalp Massager (I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard great things about it. It’s purpose is to stimulate hair growth.) 

As I am- Double Butter Moisturizer (Anything from the original line works wonders!)

TGIN (This is another one that I have yet to try, but comes highly recommended)

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