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Do nice guys really finish last?

It seems like the good men and women usually end up with someone that doesn’t appreciate them. Is it coincidence? I don’t really know. It almost seems like the people that date and marry people who do them wrong, feel like they deserve the ill treatment. Consciously, not so much so, but subconsciously there’s something going on in their mind that makes them feel they aren’t worthy of someone really loving them.

I have to say, I can relate. For years I dated and loved a person who couldn’t have cared less about me, and the only reason that happened was, my insecurities constantly making me feel like he was the best that I was ever going to find. I also have to admit he constantly told me things along those lines. Time after time he tore me down, never once tried to theoretically pick me. But soon I realized he wanted me to stay down so it could make him feel like he was the best thing that ever happened to me. For years, I dealt with his name calling, drinking, and mental abuse, thinking that it was going to get better if I just stuck it out. But, soon I knew it wasn’t going to get any better because he had to be a better man and love him before he could ever love me, and I knew that wasn’t going to happen while I was with him. He needed time to make a change that big.


I’m able to write about past experiences like this because I have moved past them. Now I am in such a good place. I have gotten older, and I know that I deserve the type of love I give, nothing less. And for anyone that happens to come across this blog, and mentalyou’re going through it with your man or woman, and they’re just not doing or treating you how you deserve, “Let that ass go!” No matter what they say or do after the argument or fight is done. If they’re not making any efforts to become a better person for you and themselves, there’s no reason to stick around because it’s only going to get worse. Trust the process. There is always someone out their better. So, no matter how many times they say that you won’t find someone better, you keep looking because your wife or husband is out their. You weren’t put on this earth for only their satisfaction, you’re suppose to experience a life filled with happiness too. All was remember that.

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