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What Is Your Food Doing To You?

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Hey Everybody! I hope all is well.

I’m just sitting here realizing I’m getting older and I still have not made it to the place that I want to be so desperately. I think about all the things I’ve learned over the years and how I haven’t applied much of what I’ve learned to make the type of impact I know I can make. I also think a lot about my health the older I get. All the attempts at being vegan just haven’t stuck. I’m trying to make it stick, because I know that it would be a whole lot better if I would eat what’s good for me rather than eating what tastes good. But the taste always seems to out rule the health facts. Not anymore! I’m tired of lack of energy, depression, lack of focus, health problems, and a list of other things because I love to eat what’s bad for me.jh-composite-p32-processed-foods-tweak2


I’m making a promise to you and myself to eat what I know is good for me instead of what’s convenient and what tastes good. I’m going to start eating for the health of my body, instead of eating to satisfy my taste buds. I see that it isn’t getting me any where but living everyday in a fog, barely able to do anything without feeling tired or uninterested. That’s no way to live. I now realize in order to have the type of life I want, my mind has to be clear. Eating healthy foods such as fruits and veggies will insure that my mind is clear, my body energized, and that I am focused on the right things.

Years of eating junk has kept me in a fog that I just can’t shake. Constantly eating fresh food everyday without any processed food is an experience in itself. Have you ever thought of how good you feel when you go through a period of cleansing your body out? Anyone who has gone through this process knows, you feel energized, productive, focused, and most of all amazing! That’s because cleansing the body should be an on going process. I know that it’s hard to lead a life that is filled with nothing but healthy foods that have been grown from the ground, especially if that isn’t something you’re not already use to. But it has always been the answer to getting us to be our best selves’. When you eat better you feel better, and when you feel better you do better. Most of us don’t understand that eating foods high in nutrition does more than keep us in shape, it also keeps our bodies working in tip top shape. Ideas come to you a lot easier, life seems filled with endless possibilities, you can’t wait to wake up and live another day, you find your purpose a lot sooner. The reason for all of these positive benefits when eating fresh foods is, these are the types of food we are suppose to be eating anyway. Like I stated in previous post such as The Health of a Nation, and  Know what you’re eating?? most of us are eating things that aren’t even food. They are things that “scientist” have designed to taste good so that we will continue to purchase them. Not only that, most of the things that are put into our “food” have cancer causing agents, because the body doesn’t know how to digest the type of things a typical American eats. That’s why so many of us end up with diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, HIV, a number of cancers, STDs and a list of other things.

If the immune system is trying to take care of other issues, how can it defend your body when the actual “Big bad wolf” comes? There’s no way, because it’s already over exerting itself trying to take care of issues. It’s like when you go to work, work 15 hours and your boss asks you to work 10 more. You’ll try to do what you can, but your productivity will be lacking because you haven’t had the time to recuperate from the hours that you’ve already put in. I know a lot of us understand that, but are unable to let go of the bad foods because there is no light in our lives to make us want to do better. I’m sure it’s the food, and stress that’s contributing to making us feel like food is our only escape from the harsh ways of this world.

That’s because we haven’t found other ways to deal with stress and hard times. Food is the first thing you learn to associate with emotion. If you’re happy or sad you want something sweet, stressed salty and so on and so on. But that isn’t the way it’s suppose to be. Everyday we have something to be mad, sad, or happy about. Many times we are more stressed then anything and that is already not good for the body. I know it doesn’t take a lot for me to feel anxious myself, which is another form of stress. Being anxious or stressed isn’t good for the immune system. Having negative emotions stresses the immune system and sends signals to the brain to dull the pain, and most times that means eating away the anxiousness. Not saying eating is the only way to deal with anxiety, stress or anger, but that is the way most of us have learned to block out the signals. We do it so much that we don’t realize we’re doing it. Which is very bad.

All of these reasons and more are the cause of me changing my life style. If you feel the same and want to take this journey with me, leave a comment and let me know how food has changed your life or how you plan to change your life where food is concerned. I also plan own dropping a couple of before and after pictures of me going through this process.

Never forget it’s never to late to make a change to the things you aren’t happy with.

Also if you’re like me and rather learn how to heal your body the natural way, check out these videos of different people healing themselves’ with food. I’ll also leave a couple of book recommendations you can check out when you have time.


Books I’ve reading regarding health

1.)//“> Eating For Beauty– David Wolfe

2.) //“>Kemetic Diet– Muata Ashby

3.) //“>Alkaline Diet– Carmen Reeves

4.) //“>Eat to Live– Joel Fuhrman, M.D

5.) //“>The Lusty Vegan– Ayinde Howell

6.)//“> The Happy Vegan– Russell Simmons

7.) //“>The Kind Diet– Alicia Silverstone

8.) //“>The Lean– Kathy Freston

9.) //“>The Reboot– Joe Cross

10.) //“>Afro-Vegan– Bryant Terry

I guess I’ll stop there. As you can see I read a lot. But I hope this information/ rant was helpful.

I hope you all have a Beautiful blessed day!

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