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Image result for trying but not succeedingNot Making It- That is my biggest fear. I’m going through this life with so many things in my head I want to get out, but fear paralyzes me ever time. I have thoughts daily about the things I could do if given the chance. You know what else I have thoughts about? Not making it, and loosing everything, including the things I have now. I know it’s not a good thing to live in fear, but like I said before, it paralyzes me every time I think of the risks that come with making it, or at least trying too.




Image result for trying but not succeedingDespite my fears I’m going to keep pressing on until something comes from the hard work and daydreams I have daily of that life I want so desperately. That’s all anyone can do, is put their self out there and hope someone will give them the chance to become something better than what they are.

Learn from me; give yourself the chance to learn what you want to do with this life. Always live for yourself, because when it’s all said and done there is no one you can blame your unhappiness on but yourself. That’s why listening to what others tell you to do with your life doesn’t serve you, because no one but you knows what you’re capable of; and what will make YOU happy.


Live a happy, full, free life. Connect with many and love the one you're with.Have a Beautiful day!!!!.jpg





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