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Good Morning,

Happy Friday!!

Today is the day for a lot of people to be off from their jobs, but this is the time for me to start working, seeing as I work mainly weekends and not weekdays, that’s one thing that really sucks about working retail.

I was thinking about bringing something else to this blog. I won’t be writing about it all the time, but I wanted to write about my time working as  cashier for a really large retail chain. I know a lot of my other posts mention situations I’ve been in while working their. But I would like to get a little more in depth.

I’m choosing to put this type of content out their because I know their are other people out here who have gone or are going through the same things I’ve experienced or still experience working with the public. I understand this won’t resonate with some, but there will be other things on this blog that you have the possibility of finding interest in. For example: I just wrote a blog on my dedication to doing the OMAD diet, or my post about love and relationships, or the different things that happen to certain people because the way they look. Those are only a few of the things I offer on this blog. One other thing this blog has, are stories. The stories that I have on here Are Desire, Learned Lessons, and Life. These stories are works in progress. If you would like to read them in their entirety please leave a comment and I will add the latest addition I have to these stories.

I plan to bring a lot more to this blog. This just like me, is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy every word, post, and story I put out for you to consume because that is my main concern; is that you will love it!!

As Always…….

Thanks for Reading!!!

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