Wild and Free

Day in and day out, I try to live you, breathe you.

But to no avail I haven’t figured you out.

I swear I’ve experienced you before. Will I have the chance to experience you again?

Without you everything seems pointless. I know there has to be more.

This can’t be it! There’s so much more to do, so much more to see.

Is it my fault because I’m to scary.

Others have had the chance to bask in your essence. Will that time ever come for me?

Or is it my destiny to never know you again? Or am I being too hasty?

Do you have plans for me? I have faith that things will work them self out.

But incase they don’t, I will never stop trying to figure you out.

Have you ever felt like this about anything in your life? If so please leave a comment stating what it was and how you moved past it.

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