story telling

Balancing Act

“What am I gonna do?! Your husband gets back tomorrow!”

“What are you talking about? You act like things are gonna change. You know no matter if he is here, I’m always gonna come and see my favorite girl.”

“That’s the thing Sheila, I’m tired of being your favorite girl! I want to be your one and only. What is it with you?!….. You say you wanna be with me, but you keep running back to this tired, sick sloppy, excuse for a man.”

“Joseca, stop being like that! I told you; we will be together when the time is right!”

“And when is that gonna be, huh?! You’ve been singing this same song and dance since I met you; that was over 5 years ago.”

“Baby don’t be like that. You know I got love for you.”

“Oh, so you got love for me, huh? But when he’s beating your ass you love me, right?!”

“Don’t be like that, Baby.”

“I knew you were no good! I don’t understand why I gave yo ass a chance! My friends told me you were nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. Damn, I wish I would have listened to them!”

“Come on, you can’t mean that?!”

“Damn right, I do!”

Joseca, don’t be like that! Like I told you; We will be together, when the time is right.”

“Well if that time ain’t right now, I don’t know what to tell ya.”

Serious?! you gonna throw away what we have, just like that?!”

By now Sheila’s eyes were filled with tears. Joseca had no clue if Sheila was crying because she loved her and didn’t want to loose her, or she was afraid of loosing her as a friend.

“Sheila, STOP CRYING!   Everytime I try to be done with you, this is what you do! I’m tired of this!”

“Baby, I’m sorry that it’s taking longer than you or I expected. But just give me a little more time.”

“Like I said I gave you all the time I’m gonna give. There is no way that I’m gonna give you another second, another minute, or another hour.

Call me when you’ve made up your mind. By that time it might not matter.”

And with that, Joseca left Sheila to give some real thought to what she really wanted. She was afraid Sheila may pick her husband; but thought if she did, there was no way Sheila deserved her in the first place.

Weeks passed, and still no call from Sheila. By then Joseca thought for sure things were over; so much so that she started up something new with a very attractive guy on her block.

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