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Night Nurse 2

“Hey Ma! How is Dad doing?”

“Not so good. I had to take him to the hospital this week.”

“Why? What happened?!”

“He started having chest pains. He thought he was having a stroke.”

“Was he?!”

“No, that was just his anxiety kicking in.”

“I don’t get it. What does he have to be anxious about?”

“Well Baby, we’re getting older and life isn’t what it use to be. I think living here, has got your father stressed out.”


“Yeah. Keep in mind that you father wasn’t that happy to move here in the first place. He only moved here because you offered and I really wanted to.”

“I never knew that! Why are you just now telling me?”

“I didn’t think it matter….. That is, until now.

I can’t stay here knowing it’s making your father weak.”

“So, where does Daddy want to be?”

“Why don’t you just ask him when he gets home?”


       Ivy patiently waited for her father. As she waited she looked at baby pictures of her, her brothers and sisters. And she was surprised to find a familiar face amongst the bunch.

“Mom, who is this little boy?”

“Oh, I remember this picture! This was when your brother had just started kindergarten and he made his first friend.”

“I know the story Ma. But who is the boy with DJ?”

“Oh, that’s umm…. Kevin, or Conan. Something like that.”

“Could it be Caden, Ma?”

Ummm… Yeah! That’s his name. How did you know?”

“I think this is the guy that I met at the airport.”

“Okay. And?”

“I wanted to know more about him but I didn’t want to make the first move.”

“Baby, didn’t I teach you that if you want something, you can’t be afraid to take it?”

“I know, I know, Ma. But I didn’t want to take the chance of getting rejected.”

“You never know, maybe he was thinking the same thing as you. That’s why he didn’t ask you out either”


“You won’t know until you stop being scared and ask him out.”

“Mom, that’s the thing…. I don’t know how to find him.”

“You telling me, you wanted to desperately get with this man; and you didn’t find out, at least where he works?”

“Who raised you?!”

“Ha, ha. Stop joking, Ma. I’m serious.”

I am too. If I wasn’t with your father and this Caden guy looked as good as I think; hell, we would be on a date right now. I would probably be somewhere with my slip around my ankle.”

“Ewww!!! Ma, you are so nasty! I didn’t need to know that.”

“You didn’t. But that don’t mean I wasn’t gonna tell you, anyway.” 


                                             Hope you enjoys Part 2 of Night Nurse. 



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