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Heart Broken

Time after time we get into relationships and bare the most intimate vulnerable parts about ourselves’ because we believe we have found our other half; someone that gets you and you get them. We do this so much, and get our hearts broken over and over again in the process, that some of us stop loving and learn how to play the game of “Who’s gonna break who’s heart first?”. This is something we came up with to avoid the pain of a broken heart. The only draw back to this game is, actually loosing your other half because you’re trying to hurt them before they hurt you. Sometimes you come out on top. But what are you going to do when you find that one person who was absolutely perfect for you; and you messed everything up because you treated them just like every other person who really wasn’t there for you?

I know we all go through heartbreak. Some of us know how to move past it and keep loving and then there are others who’s hearts are so closed off that they don’t want to take the chance on love. These are the people who don’t want to take risks because they are afraid they’re going to loose and be heartbroken once again.

I understand being betrayed, lied to, and broken hearted can be a very painful thing. I remember the last time someone broke my heart; I was 27, there was this guy I dated for almost 9yrs. This wasn’t the first time he broke my heart, but I was determined to make it his last. He went out of the country and didn’t tell me he was leaving. Then showed up like everything was okay. But that wasn’t the thing that broke my heart; it was when he told me he had to leave because he found out one of the women he was with was pregnant. This woman was all the way in France; that’s what broke my me. Knowing that he was giving his self to other people and then coming back to me.

The purpose of this blog is for those of you who are dealing with someone who just isn’t giving you the type of effort you’re giving them. If that happens too often and they’re not willing to step up and do more, it’s time to go. There is to much life to be living to be sitting up with someone just because you’re afraid to be alone. Realize you don’t need them. You might just mess around and live your best life because you don’t have them there dragging you down because they’re financially,  emotionally, or mentally messed up and putting their negative vibes on to you.

Please remember to love you first. If a person or situation isn’t good for you, learn to distance yourself from them or it. I’m not saying kick them out of your life; I’m only saying all that energy you’re putting into it or them; learn to put that same energy into yourself.


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