Short stories, story telling

Desire: Part 10

“Desire you really gonna leave me out here like this?!”

“I told you if you didn’t have something in your hands for me ,that the door was gonna get slammed in your face! You thought I was playing?!”

“Come on, let me in!”
She was tired of the games. She didn’t want to admit it, but being with Klaus made her think about all the times she was hurt and disappointed by her ex-Keith; a guy she dated the whole time in high school. Desire was sure they were going to get married and have a couple of kids; but Keith had something else in mind. Before she knew it, Keith left town; and his reason for leaving was to be with some older girl. Someone he had apparently been with the whole time he was dating Desire; so she thought.

“See all ya’ll the same!” Klaus couldn’t quite hear what she was saying but he got the gist of it.

“Babe I promise, I’ll be right back!” Klaus wasn’t sure what to get Desire, but he knew that he had to get her something. Other wise there was no chance she was going to let him in her house, let alone between her thighs.

Time passed , for Desire it felt like an eternity, because she was afraid that he gave up and left, for good. She would never admit it, but when it came down to the worth she had for herself, there was very little. She always seemed to let a mans opinion over of her overshadow the way she felt about herself. She hadn’t realized it, but she was doing it again.

Knock!!! Knock!!! Knock!! 

“Who is it?!”

“Babe, it’s me! Let me in!”

“Where did you go?!”

“Just open the door!”

Once Desire opened the door what she saw was nothing short of breath-taking.

“What is all this?!” Desire was taken aback by the amount and types of gifts Klaus presented to her.

“Well, I felt like I should get you something that shows I plan to be with you for a long time.”

There wasn’t much that could be said that could change her mind about Klaus in that moment. She thought for sure he was the man for her and she was the woman for him. All the previous thoughts of him being with someone else magically disappeared upon seeing the abundant amount of gives he took his time choosing for her.

“What is all this?!”

“Baby you deserve it. Once again, I want to apologize for making you feel that you could ever be anything less than my number one priority. I know it may be soon, but I’m really loving your spirit and I don’t want this thing to end.”

Upon becoming over whelmed with emotion, Desire was surprised to find a little something extra peaking out from his car.

“What is that?!”

There was nothing left to be said. She had seen the gift he was saving for last, because he thought she would love it more than anything else he had given her. So he walked to the car and pulled out the cutest tinniest Yorkie poo Desire had every seen in her life.

“Are you serious, right now?! Awwww!” Desire had no more words. She began to get emotional and let a few tears fall. She couldn’t stop smiling, because she finally felt the love that she so desperately searched for in men and women passed, and hoped she found it with

“What’s going on, here? I hope those are tears of joy.”

“Of course. Thank you, Baby!”

“You are so welcome. Now can we go inside?”

“Wiping happy tears from her face, she took Klaus’s hand and led him inside.  What came next was a night full of passion and ecstasy, far more intimate than either one of them ever experienced.

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