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Rape Culture


How are you all doing today?

I was thinking…..

If a woman or man goes out with out proper coverage to their private areas, are they in any way giving consent?

I only ask because some people believe women especially, are asking for it if they go out without a bra or underwear. I’m going to try to stay neutral and just give you the facts of a situation of a girl being raped on the dance floor. I’m not able to tell you if the person got convicted or if the rape actually happened. The only thing I can tell you is what I saw.

The scenario: Girl goes out for her birthday. Not sure if she went out by herself or if she was with a friend. Long story short, she ended up hanging out with this guy. All while she was in the club she was on either Facebook live or Instagram live, not sure. The point is the video shows him holding her up with his drink in his hand. While the girl is doubled over with her eyes rolled to the back of her head, body limp with little to no movement. And this man proceeds to lick his hand and stick it under her dress. Then you see him try to grind on her. But I assume he couldn’t do what he intended, either because there were to many eyes on them or her dead weight wouldn’t let him position himself the way he was attempting. I forgot to mention, she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Now I ask you as I did before; Does that constitute as consent?…. I haven’t asked a lot of people about this particular situation, but I’ve gotten comments on situations like this. And it seems every time a woman is involved, the rape is a lot of the time validated. Many times because men don’t taking themselves out of the equation; their thinking, ” What if that was me and some female lied and said I raped her, because I didn’t want to be with her?” But what they failed to realize is, if you have no intention of having sex with someone while their either unconscious, drunk, or after they’ve repeatedly told you ‘No’; most likely you’re in the clear. But I’m not gonna act like there aren’t women out her that actually cry wolf when in reality nothing was done, and that makes it bad for the women who do speak out, who have  actually been sexually assaulted. People are less likely to believe them, because of the amount of false cases of rape.

Then you have the people who watch it happen and don’t do anything about it. Like the person recording the whole thing. What made it even worse, was the fact it was a woman.

I just want you all to be safe out there. It’s okay to meet new people and socialize just make sure when you go to these clubs please, please make sure you watch your drinks. And if you go out with a friend, make sure to look out for them as you would yourself. Also you can’t trust everyone, so be on guard. That goes for men too. I’m sure they experience it but don’t come forward because they don’t want to be judged.

Remember everyone has a voice. Don’t let fear silence yours.

I love you all and……..

Photos Provided By: act.weareultraviolet.com, theodysseyonline.com

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