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Good morning Friends,

Hope all is well.

I was thinking…. of something that never really made any sense to me until now, and that is, ‘People being complacent about working for someone else’. I get that it’s a check and you don’t have to worry about where the next one is coming from, because as long as you’re employed, there’s no need to worry about the bills you have to pay every month that come around like clock work. I get that. But wouldn’t you want to have complete control over how much you make and when you have to work? Well that’s me anyway. I guess I got it from my mother because she’s’ the same way. My mother just turned 53 and she is an inspiration because even through everything she has been through she still perseveres. She wanted to become a DJ so she did, she thought she could make a change in the school system and she did. All the children that she has ever worked with young or old (like me) know her name because she has and continues to inspire others to do what  they love. I guess you can say I continue to try to inspire others because she has always inspired me.

It seemed like no matter what was thrown her way she always seemed to make it through. She is proof that you can work for someone else and still pursue your dreams; and be a blessing to others in their time of need. The key is to have faith in the process and know that all your effort isn’t for nothing. Your time will come. Just be patient and trust that you were given that passion/talent for a reason.

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