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Fat Shaming in 2019. Really?

I don’t really know if this is considered news; but recently Future got called out for fat shaming, because he supposedly said ‘No Fatties’ at a club event. To be honest that doesn’t sound like something he would say; but hey, you never know. This in turn caused a plus-size model to be turned away. Not sure if she was the only full figured woman in attendance, but she definitely was turned away. After being embarrassed she tried contacting the club and Future’s publicist but received no response. She finally got an answer when she contacted Future on Instagram and was told by him that he did not say that, and basically she shouldn’t have said he said that unless she got it from his mouth. That’s not what he said verbatim, but that was pretty much the gist of it.

I bring this up because there is shaming people because they are gay, poor, and weird; but, something is always done to stop people from making fun of them. There always seems to be some type of movement to stop a person from criticizing someone other than fat people for their differences. There are people who make fun of people who are fat because they think it’s funny. I really never understood the humor in making someone feel self conscience because they may not look like the ‘Average person’.

News flash: Everyone isn’t the same, never will be.

That’s why we are individuals because we think differently, there for we look differently. I’m not saying to turn a blind eye and not help when you see they need help to get healthier. I’m only saying, sometimes a person’s body size doesn’t always have to mean that they’re unhealthy. Sometimes that’s just the way some of our bodies are setup.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is; these people out here who believe a person that is fat is nasty, stank, and doesn’t like to wash their a**. I’m not gonna lie and say that it isn’t true in some cases. But that is only some of the time, that doesn’t apply to every fat person you come in to contact with. I don’t know about anyone else… But, I make sure I take a bath everyday some times 2x to 3x a day. So, many times that is just an individual experience. Also, their are people out here that are thin that don’t shower and smell soooo bad, they literally make your stomach turn. No lie; I was at work one time and this women came in; she may have stood at my counter for maybe.. 4 or 5 minutes. She always had a smell to her, but that day she smelled stronger than usual. By the time she left I had to leave. My stomach couldn’t take anymore. I was sick to my stomach. I ended up going home maybe 20 minutes after she left.

I know some people maybe thinking ” Why not just loose the weight? So you won’t have to worry about being ‘Fat Shamed’.” I get that some people may think that is the solution, but I think you should loose weight because you want to for yourself and your family. Not because someone else thinks you should.

Little known fact: People only change because they want too.

By making fun of the way someone looks; or treating them differently because of their looks, doesn’t make a person want to change. There are times I go pleases and people treat me with little to no respect because of my looks. I don’t understand how people can be so vain to think that the way you look constitutes they way this world treats you.

I understand some of us do it because we have been taught to be that way or because we aren’t use to being around people who are different from us. It almost reminds me of the way other children would look at my children I us to work with in IND (Intensive Needs). They made fun of them because they couldn’t understand why they were different; and also how to handle them and their differences. But once they got to know them and hung around them, they understood they were people just like them with feeling and emotions.

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10 thoughts on “Fat Shaming in 2019. Really?”

      1. What do you mean shut people out? I wouldn’t say that; But using euphemisms like “plus size” and “curvy” in order to make fat people feel better about a condition there is no excuse to be in I would say is a big problem (no pun intended).

        Do you think it’s ok to be fat?


      2. If a person chooses to be fat and they’re happy and healthy, I see nothing wrong with that. Everyone isn’t meant to be stick thin. When I say healthy but fat, I’m talking about people with a little extra not morbidly obese.


      3. There is no such thing as healthy and fat, if you’re aware of current medical research and statistics you know that.

        So you see nothing wrong with choosing to be overweight? That is incredibly difficult to comprehend. Fat people are a burden to tax payers, and they raise fat children who will grow up and carry on the traditions of being sick, gluttonous, and medicated at age 60.

        This is a crisis, and I think it’s such a shame that people copout of taking personal responsibility with silly words like curvy and plus sized that only exist to coddle their feelings. It is not ok to be overweight, no animal in the wild is overweight and lives past a few years of life because being overweight is not natural. Natural selection kills them off. Because of medication however we now have fat people living until their seventies and eighties and we have to watch them (and pay for them to) take drugs and die slowly. This is such a crisis and just saying “don’t fat shame!” is a bunch of liberal bullshit.


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