Can you Hear Me?

This is going to be a very scary but very fun time in my life. The reason that is, is do to trying to figure out where I fit in, so to speak. There are things that I’ve done all through life because someone told me I would be good at this or that. But….. I believe now is the time for me to start trusting in what I know I can do and what I really want to do, with the life I’ve been given.

Most of my life I’ve provided service to others. And I have to say, I love helping others, but not in the ways I have in the past. I love learning a persons story; but the jobs I’ve had haven’t allowed me the space to really connect with others, in the way I would like.

Sometimes I don’t know what it is; but people love to come to me and tell me their story. I love hearing it, I can’t say I don’t. But I wonder how they know this. I think it’s because when they talk I listen to them actively. You know, ask them questions pertaining to their story. And for a lot of them I can tell talking to someone who really hears them and is interested in what they have to say, is a new experience for some of them. So when the chance to be heard arises, they take that opportunity to really connect; because unfortunately many of us do not take the time to really listen to one another. Some of us do, but many only listen to respond not to actually hear. That’s one of the saddest things; is to have someone pouring their heart out to you and you not hear them. I think this world would be a better place if we listen with open hearts and minds and less with the intent to always be right.

I don’t think many people know this; but all of our lives are tied to one another. Meaning, even someone you don’t know is tied to you, in ways you can’t imagine. Remember: Everything has a ripple effect. So what you do may affect someone in your neighborhood, city, state, country, or someone else’s neighborhood city, state, or country. We don’t always know how we may affect the next person we come into contact with. That’s why it’s always important to be open to changing someone’s life. You may not believe you have that type of power, but you would be surprised to know that something as simple as a smile could turn a person’s whole life around. You never know, because of your one act of kindness that person decided to live. Where as just moments before, they were willing and ready to take their own life.

We were told when we were kids that words were just words. But as we get older we’ve been proven time and time again how wrong we are. So, keep in mind words do hurt. The reason they hurt is because words can spark fear, courage, hate, love, and all other emotions. They can even spark change. Words are a very powerful instrument that has the power to change your life in ways you’ve never imagined. That’s why it is so important to be heard. Because with out being heard, words are just words.

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