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Change your mind, Change your Future

Change your mind, Change your future

Some people don’t believe it could be that simple… Well it is. All you have to do is start thinking positively and the negative things that loom over you and your life will slowly start to distance themselves form you. I’m sure you’ve heard “Negativity brings more negativity” and “Positivity brings more positivity”. You may think it’s just something that people with money say to get you to buy into what they’re trying to sale. I can’t lie, I thought so too, for a long time. But that was do to me living in my own bubble. I had to realize, life could be so much more enjoyable if I open my eyes to it’s possibilities. That’s something we have to stop doing, “limiting ourselves”. Start to realize, “Life is only what we make it. You want to have an enjoyable life, where you build connections and live freely and happily; know it first starts with “you” , second; the way you view the world around you, third “Are you living for yourself or the people around you?”

I had to ask myself all of those questions. Through doing that I’ve realized, the life I’m living isn’t the life I would be proud of if I was to leave the world today. The only thing I feel I’ve done is waste time. But I’m not going to dwell on that. I choose to think more about the time I have and what I want to do with it. See, many of us do that; focus on the past instead of coveting and working on our future. Just know, the longer you focus on the past you’re going to continue to live in the past.

Prime example: Melody was born and raised in the projects. As she grew up, she realized she wanted more. For a long time she dreamed of making enough money to move out. Finally her opportunity came. For about 3 close to 4yrs, she lived the life of her dreams. Next thing you know, she lost the job that allowed her to live the life she came to expect. In turn that changed her life’s course. She was no longer happy, because of that she could know longer be a positive light where there was only darkness.

The moral of the story is to never let your outside world influence or change the way your inside world operates. What I mean is, if your happy be that because you are internally happy, not because of material things; those things could be gone tomorrow. Start appreciating the small, yet big things in life; like your health, your loved ones health, the connections to others. There are far more things to be grateful for then what I’ve listed. So wake up every morning and look yourself in the mirror and list at least three things you’re grateful for. I guarantee it will make a difference in your day. If you continue to do it, it will make a difference in your life.

I have to be honest with you all though. I’m starting to have a shift in energy because of the type of things I’m choosing to read. I just have to say that these books are amazing and they’re helping me to look at life in a completely different light. I’m starting to understand, life doesn’t happen to you. You decide what happens and the way your life works out. For so long, I thought I had no control over my life. That I was just a bystander and what ever happened, just did because that’s the way life goes. Right?

No! That’s not the way for anyone to believe life is. Once you start to feel like you’re a bystander, it’s time to change the author and start to shake some things up. Who wants a life like that? Not me! I want to be able to decide my next move, go on those trips around the world I’ve always dreamed of. Marry that man who is absolutely crazy about me. Then finally at the end of my days look back at it all and say “I did that!”

If you would like to know the list of books I’m reading, or if you enjoyed the post and can relate; please leave a comment. I would love to know what kind of journey you are having. Maybe I could learn something from you.

As always……

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