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90% v.s 10%

Have you ever experienced a time in life when you felt, that part of life wasn’t yours?

That’s me right now. I just wish I could go back to having the semi comfortable life I had before. Granted, I didn’t like my job. But, I was use to it and I knew it backwards and forwards. At this current time, I have a job (not exactly the one I would like); but I’m grateful for it.

I went from working 4 days 30hrs to 5 days 40 hours, making the same amount or less bi-weekly. You know that had to hit me hard. It’s like a punch to the gut, every time I walk into my current place of employment. As I stated before, I feel very out of place. I’m getting a little comfortable, but I still feel like I’m not on the right path (for me). At the current time all I can do is go through it. I just have to have faith that things will get better.

I’m sure they will. But until then, I’m going to be looking deeper into manifestation and journaling. From what I’ve started to experience journaling and manifestation work. It’s all about the type of energy you have set around them. Through learning about journaling, scripting, and manifestation; I have faith life will soon be what I’ve always wanted it to be (for me).

One thing I will never forget and something you shouldn’t also is; Life is what you make it. As I’ve heard so many times before, ” Reality is 90% how you react to it and 10% what happens to you. So go through life boldly and live life with no regrets.

Photo Provided by: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristinharris/22-quotes-from-me-before-you-that-will-emotionally-destroy-y

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