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Focus is the Ultimate Goal

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If I ask you a few questions will you answer them honestly?

Okay, here goes……

  1.  If you could picture the best year of your life, what would it look like? (Question from Millionaire Habits by Dean Graziosi) You could answer on here or on your own; there’s no pressure. These questions are really for you. Something to help you gain a clear perspective of what you want out of life.
  2. If you didn’t have financial pressure in your day to day life, would you still go to work? Why or why not?
  3.  Do you see yourself as a boss or a worker?
  4. If you chose boss, What would your business be?
  5. If you much rather be a worker. Why?
  6. When it comes to finances; would you rather be stable or free?
  7. Are you willing to put in the work to get where you want to be?

I’m not going to bog you down with a lot of questions. I just want you to think of the ultimate goal for your life, and what it looks like to you. Reason why; it’s great practice to get focused on what’s most important to you. Also to put life in perspective. Many of us live, but have no real concept of time or life. So when we get old and feeble we never realize where the time went because we don’t have a clear vision of where we want to be or should be.

Take time to think about these questions. If you don’t get hyped about your life, somethings wrong and needs to change. It doesn’t have to be immediately, but eventually that comfortable life is going to have to get a little rocky for you to start living the life of your dreams.

I’ve just started reading this book. I can’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read, yet. I’m not sure if it’s the hype I experienced before getting the book; but so far it’s proving to be an excellent read (I’m only on Chapter 2).

If you would like a copy, here’s a link to Amazon where you can get your own. Once you read it, come back and share what you thought was most valuable about the information given. If you don’t I surely will.

As Always……

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