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Absent Father

Women and men need to be more selective of the people they choose to sleep with. It seems as if many people have not realized having sex, protected or unprotected could result in a baby or something worse. So I suggest if you can’t imagine yourself in that person’s life for the rest of yours or theirs, don’t go to bed with them; because children are a life long commitment.

There are and have been too many children born to single mothers. It’s a shame, when you start to realize just how many women had to take on the responsibility of raising a child when the men who get them pregnant are free to walk away. God forbid the mother of that child does that. I understand we hold women to a higher standard than men especially when children are involved. But who came up with the theory that the woman has to keep or take care of that child or those children; while the man is free to roam and get other women pregnant; if he so chooses?

I see that as totally unfair. What if the mother didn’t have the means to take care of that child? Or What if the child was a negative reminder of everything that went wrong in her life leading up to the time of conception, and she was a victim of rape? Are you telling me, that child should still be her responsibility?


I know the child isn’t the sin. The sin is in the act. But there is no man out here that would be okay with taking care of their rapist’s baby. I know that for a fact. Most men don’t want to take care of the children they have! How are they going to be willing to take care of a child of a person they hate?!

Many times that is the case for a lot of women out here. It’s not that they have been raped. It’s more so they’ve been led to believe the man they gave their body too, had as much love for them as they had. But quickly find out, soon as a baby is on the way the man changes his tune, because he doesn’t want the responsibility. Most men think it’s the woman’s responsibility anyway. That’s why I believe they think their presents isn’t needed. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Little girls need their fathers and so do little boys.

There is always a need for both parents to be in a child’s life. But often times we rob them of the opportunity, because of our selfishness. When you become a parent, you have to sacrifice sometimes for the child’s benefit. But what I constantly see are women and men who want to continue to live life like they don’t have a child that is depending on them to teach them right from wrong; and to be there in their time of need.

All I have to say is; “Grow up! If you can create it, you can take care of it.”

Let me know your feelings on this topic, and if their should be a part 2.

Photos Provided By: http://www.singlemoms.org/single-mother-assistance/, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/447123069235458992/?lp=truehttps://5pillarsuk.com/2017/10/17/the-causes-behind-the-normalisation-of-rape-culture/,

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