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Hypnotically Beautiful

If you love Fantasy, I’m sure you’ll love this. Not going to say to much.


There is always someone who is so quick to tell me, I look nothing like my mother or father; it makes me wonder… That’s a terrible feeling to have, feeling like this family you have is all your own and then have someone come to you, saying that your family doesn’t look like it could be yours.
I felt uneasiness every time we went out in public because people always stated the obvious. I mean really; you don’t think I know I look the total opposite of my parents?! I have green eyes they have brown, I’m light they’re dark, I have straight hair and theirs is curly. A blind man could see that we’re different! So why do people feel the need to tell me that we are?
The whole time growing up people would ask my mom if I was a adopted. I’m sure it got under her skin, but she never showed it. I know she stayed strong for me. Growing up I asked my parents the same thing. They always told me; I wasn’t. I mean it got to the point of me begging them to take DNA tests. I felt bad for it, but…. I needed to know. In the end it was proven that my mother and father were indeed my mother and father. Even though the test proved my parents were my mine, I still didn’t fell I had all the answers, as to why I looked the way that I do. So I started to do some digging in old family photo albums and after looking through at least ten of them, I came across a woman that looked exactly like me. I had no clue who she was, but something told me my great grandmother would know.

A week later

I’m fearful my Granny may tell me something, I don’t want to know. That might be the reason  I’ve been sitting in front of her house, for the last hour with no attempts to get out of the car. That was until my Auntie caught me.
“Hey Alexia baby, What you doing out here? Aren’t you going to come in?”
“Hey Auntie. Yeah I’m coming.”
“Well you been out here for almost an hour, and you ain’t made a move yet.”
“Oh you saw me, when I pulled up?”
“Yeah me and your Grandma saw you. I just came out here because I wanted to make sure you were okay. Now that I know, I’m going back in the house.”
I felt a little embarrassed knowing they knew how long I’d been sitting outside. But that was not going to stop me from asking my Grandma about this lady. I really hope she knows who she is. Let me go ahead and get out this car, they’ve already seen me, so there’s no turning back now.
“Hey Grandma. How you been?”
“Don’t try to butter me up. You been here sitting in that car for damn near an hour, and the only reason you decided to come in is because your Auntie came out there to get you. Don’t get me wrong, baby. I’m happy to see my grand baby but I want you to be honest with me and not feel like you got to be fake with me .”
“I know that Grandma.”
“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you know you can be real with your Granny. Now that we got that out the way. What is it you wanted to ask me?”
“Well, you know how I had been wondering for years why I look so different than everyone else.”
“Yeah, and?”
“Well, I found this picture of a woman that looks a lot like me, and I wanted to see if you could tell me who she was.”
“Let me see the picture.”
This was the moment of truth. I hoped that Grandma knew who the lady was so I could get clarification on why I came out looking the way I do.
“Oh, where did you get this picture from?”
“Mom let me look through some of the old photo albums. She knew I wasn’t going to let up until she did.
Well Grandma. Do you know who the woman is?”
“Yeah, I know exactly who she is.”
“Well….Who is she?”
“Are you sure you want to know?”
“I wouldn’t be here asking you, if I didn’t.”
“I’m gonna tell you, but I want you to promise me something before I do.”

“Yeah Grandma, anything.”
“Don’t tell no one, once I tell you; not even ya momma.”
“Okay, I promise.”
“I mean it!”
“I know! Like I said, I promise that this information won’t leave this room. Now could you please tell me who the woman is.”
“Well that, is your great great great grandmother.”
“Okay, what’s so top secret about that?”
“That isn’t the secret, the secret is who she was.”
“Okay, I’m listening.”
“Soon you won’t be, if you interrupt me again.”
“Sorry Grandma. Please go ahead.” “Well like I was saying, She ‘s your great great great grandmother and she was always known for her beauty. But people had no clue how she escaped the same fate as her mother. You see her mother was not much to look at. So when your Great Gran was born people wondered how her mother was blessed with such a beautiful baby. What they didn’t know was your Great Gran’s mother was heavy in magic. She didn’t want her little girl to go through the same things she had to, growing up. So she developed a spell that was irreversible, that would make her daughter beautiful. Figuring it would make life easier for your Great Gran, but it back fired.”
I wasn’t sure how to feel or what to think about what my Grandma had just said. But it was way more than I expected. “What was her name?”
“You said that it back fired. How?”
“Well the problem started when your Great Gran started going through puberty. There were always young boys and men seemingly hypnotized by Sadie’s beauty. It seemed as if she had them under a spell. That is were the trouble started to kick in.”
“What happened?”

“Well, Sadie had to literally beat men off with a stick. I’m almost positive it was that spell that her mother cast on her when she was a baby, is what caused the men’s hypnosis of her beauty. It got so bad she had grown men following her home from school.”
“If she knew any better she could’ve gotten used that to her advantage.
“You didn’t let me finish. Sadie at first, did not know what to do; she was just a little twelve year old girl when men started to pursue her. Once her mother found out what was going on, she started teaching Sadie how to handle them.”
“I thought you said her mother wasn’t much to look at. How would she know how to handle a man? Cause when it comes to men it’s all about looks.”
“Baby that is where you’re wrong, it isn’t about looks.”
“Okay if it’s not about looks, then what is it about?”
“Confidence, mystery and smarts. There may be other things men find attractive, but I know for a fact that those things, will have a man wrapped around your finger.”
“So what did Sadie’s mom teach her?”
“Well, she taught her never let a man get to close. Also that she had to teach them how to treat her so they understood what line not to cross.”

“How did that work?”
“For a time, it worked pretty good. The only time Sadie had problems, was when she would cut them off; that’s when they became aggressive. A few attempted to rape her. But it seemed as if Sadie knew what their plan was before they could go through with it. ”
“How did she know?”
“I don’t know for sure. I believe it was her mother, who knew first and prepared her for what was about to happen.”
“Did Sadie’s mom ever teach her any magic?”
“That, I’m not to sure of. But my guess is,… yes. I’m sure not anything to heavy, but little things to keep her safe.”

I didn’t want to make this to long. Part 2 will be up next Wednesday at 5am. If you enjoy Hypnotically Beautiful, please make sure to like, comment, and follow this blog for more stories like this.

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