Alabama woman indicted for loss of unborn fetus

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I wanted to bring something to your attention. Not sure if you came across it yet. There was a woman recently indicted for getting shot while pregnant. As if getting shot wasn’t  enough; now she has to deal with being in jail because someone chose to shoot her in the stomach.

It seems like this case, played right into the seriousness of the abortion ban. I truly believe this woman is only being punished because they want to make an example out of her. If that is the case, it’s sad that they rather take someone’s time (they’ll never get back), to make a point.

I hate to say it, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. I believe if she had been another race, things would have gone completely different. They say she’s getting charged with her unborn child’s murder, because it was her job to protect the unborn fetus. Also, claims of her starting the altercation, fueled the negative outcome. What I’m not understanding is how you could get shot by someone, loose your child because of it and you’re the one sitting in prison, with egg on your face. Isn’t it enough she had to go through the physical pain of getting shot? Not to mention the emotional pain of having a little human growing inside her, only to get to the half way mark and someone take that little miracle away.

Image result for marshae jones
Marshae Jones; mother of unborn fetus.

The other thing that made no sense; How are you suppose to have control over someone else’s actions? I’m not saying the Mom to be a.k.a  Marshae Jones didn’t antagonize the shooter (Ebony Jemison). I don’t know exactly what happened; meaning I wasn’t their, so I don’t know what took place to make the argument escalate to that point.

Image result for ebony jemison birmingham alabama
Ebony Jemison- Marshae Jones’ shooter

Reports only state shots were fired outside of a Dollar General on Park Road in Alabama.

Supposedly the altercation started over Jones’ baby’s father. The conversation turned into an altercation quickly, and that’s when shots were fired.

Now, this woman is facing time because an “intentional shot” was fired at her stomach. It had to be intentional; there’s very little chance it wasn’t.

Here’s how I think the whole thing went; Marshae was probably flaunting her pregnant belly because she knew Ebony was in the facility, and she wanted to rub her face in it. Ebony got tired of it; stepped to Marshea. They started to argue, things got a little too heated for Ebony, because Marshae was getting a little to flip at the mouth. Then Ebony shot her in the only place she knew could possibly take away the pain of being hurt and betrayed; the stomach. Wanting to hurt them both as much as they hurt her.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. You have two women fighting over a man; taking out their frustrations on each other, instead of on him. Typical women of today.

We need to start realizing we’re the prize, and start looking at the next woman as our sister; rather then as our enemy.

If you’d like to read more on this case, Click Here.

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