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Disclaimer: If you’re not into deep posts; this will not be your cup of Related image. If you are keep Image result for reading.

We go through different parts of life thinking; ” If I could just get over this hump and move on to the next stage, I’ll be happy.” The problem with that type of thing is, if you’re always waiting on the next stage, how are you going to be happy? You need to live how you choose NOW!!!

Knowing and feeling in your heart you are meant for greatness; then settle for something you feel is not suppose to be your life, is a CHOICE. I get you may have to work to take care of others and yourself. That isn’t all life is about. 

It’s so easy to fall in that trap of thinking; you’re not suppose to be having fun, because people around you are struggling. But the truth of the matter is; if they really wanted a better, more fulfilling life, they would put their selves in the path for great things to happen. You can’t say; “Life has been so hard for me and so easy for you.” You never know what the next person had to go through, in order to get to the place in life they’re at. Many times if someone made it, it’s because of their hard work and refusing to give up; that’s a must. There’s no way you can go through life without going through some type of hardship. If you’re thinking you can, life will definitely remind you otherwise.

As we all know money is the thing that makes the world go round. So stop believing that it’s the root of all evil because it isn’t. It’s what you do with it that determines that.

Inconclusion, the next time you’re feeling guilty because you’re doing what you’re suppose to; making that money, working hard, and enjoying life; don’t. You’ve earned the right to live the way you choose.    

Life is all about Choices. What do you Choose?

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