Short stories

Balance & Boundaries

Life… Love… Tragedy… Fun…

These are all things we come to expect when living. Although sometimes some of us have more sorrows than good times, and some of us may have more good times than sorrow. Many times it’s all about balance, and boundaries.

A lot of times we give and give till we don’t have anything else left…. That’s always going to be a big ‘No, no”. There’s never anyway you can continue to give to others without giving to yourself. You have to allow yourself the time needed to become a person of substance, someone that heals others, but also knows how to heal themselves. For one thing, people are only going to let you heal them if it seems you know what you’re talking about; if not you can forget.

Talking to an old friend the other night helped me to realize that. So many times you give and give because it makes you feel good to give and help people through their problems; even sometimes at the expense of you and your energy. Also people are so focused on the visual aesthetic, many times they won’t get to know a person because they’re judging them before they get the chance to know them.

I knew I was different, because I never judged a person because of their physical appearance. I’m the type that will get to know a person, then I make a decision whether I want to continue any kind of relationship with them. Part of that reason is do to me believing material objects don’t define character.

Great Example: Many people think those who sport tattoos and piercing are dangerous people. I’m sure there’s not as many people believing that as there use to be, but none the lease, people still believe it. When in reality people who sport body art are usually very passionate, expressive, sensitive, creative beings; who sometimes decide to get inked up or pierced to express their creativity or emotion at the time.

I guess my lesson to take away from this is: Never judge a book by it’s cover. If you do, you’ll find that you’ve missed plenty opportunities to meet some of the most special “weird” beautiful souls you have ever come across in your whole life.

As Always….

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