Short stories

The test

Good Morning!!!

Hope everything is well.

First off I have to say this grown-ish is something. Never did I think it was like this. I love the independent part, but hate the negative effects of it.

There are so many times I remember when I was a child I wished to be an adult. Reason being, I wasn’t in a good place. As an adult it feels it hasn’t changed. I’m sure that’s mostly due to how intensely things and people affect me.

Another reason is, putting all my trust and security in someone else’s hands. When in reality I’ve been told repeatedly not to do so.

Final thought

Things are going to get better, because I’m going to make them better. Not sure how yet; but something’s gotta give.

So many ideas, but missing the energy and drive it takes to execute them.

If got can relate, please make sure to leave a comment. Hell, if you have kind words please don’t hesitate to comment something positive. I really need a pick me up.

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