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Mr. Ideal

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Good Morning y’all,


I’m gonna be honest; this post is going to be about the type of man I have come to learn about through movies. One movie in particular; Fifty Shades of Gray. I’m sure a lot of you have seen it. If you haven’t; How could you not?! At this point you gotta be living under a rock! This is specifically for my women, because I’m sure most men haven’t or wouldn’t waste their time watching it.

Well let me get to the meat and potatoes.

Seeing love being displayed in that magnitude made me want to recreate something like that in my own life. But the trouble with that is, many times things don’t flow and turn out as well as they do in the movies. Most of us have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find our prince. Trust me I know. But, I have no doubt he’s out there. I just haven’t found him yet.

What I’ve realized while being on this journey to finding my ‘Christian’ is to just have fun with the process. Stop trying to make every man the one, because most of them are not going to be.

But when he does come…. I’m gonna be ready for that ass! There are gonna be so many things we’re gonna try and so many places we’re going to go. For instance, I’ve never been to an amusement park with a spouse or gone on a cruise or out of town. So we are going to be busy. But you know what?… Even if I don’t meet my ‘Christian’ I’m still gonna do all  those things. Whether it be by myself or with loved ones; I’m not gonna let one situation stop me from living; as I have all these years.

One thing I must continue to reiterate is; This life is to short to wait for others to catch up. You have to start being that dare devil for yourself. Go out on a limb and do that crazy thing you’ve always wanted to. Chances are if you’re waiting on someone else, you may never get the chance again.


I want to thank you all so much for rocking with me. With my inconsistent ass. I know I need to do better, and I will eventually. Also if you aren’t living the life of your dreams right now, take a step everyday to make that shit possible. Oh yeah, make sure to have some bomb sex while you’re at it. I’m not getting none, so it’ll bring me comfort to know someone is.


Also if you need a good book to read and you like hood mixed with a little LGBT drama check out my book

            As Always 

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