Short stories

Honoring Writers

Good morning!!!

Hope all is well. I have something I want to start. With your help we can make this a thing.

Next year 2020 either March or May I would love to have a night for all the writers out here. Even those who are not able to make it.

I’m thinking this can eventual open doors and create possibilities for struggling writers, by giving them exposure. The way this would work is those who aren’t able to make it will display they’re work through a video (side note: you can make this video as creative as you want; but it can’t be explicit in nature, PG13 ONLY. Also if you have merch feel free to bring it and promote yourself.

If you have ideas on how to make this event bigger and better, please make sure to leave a comment.

Event will be held in West Palm Beach, FL

Make sure to check out my recently published book

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