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Your reason for living

Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming; not good or bad. Although this year it has been leaning a little more to the bad side. Even though ever thing hasn’t been as I would’ve hoped, I’m still here and I’m alive. Instead of concentrating on the negative, I’m working really hard to focus on things that are in my power to control. I have to say that the changes that I want to start happening haven’t begun to happen just yet. Even though they haven’t I’m going to continue to be positive and work towards the many good things that I want to appear through out my life. Some of those things are:

  • Great relationships
  • traveling
  • true unmeasured love
  • freedom
  • recognition world wide, for my work
  • being a successful author

For the past couple of years I’ve been working at getting my name out there. I can’t really say that no one other than my family knows who I am; even though I’m still going to keep trying, this time with more consistent effort.

Final Thought

If you have something that you know that you were put here to do, let nothing stop you from doing that thing. You’ll never be truly satisfied with life until you’ve done it.

Go Big or Go Home

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