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Fall down 9 stand up 10

Good Morning!


Hope everyone is doing well.


As I’m sure you know, if you’ve been on this blog before; I always have a way of taking things from my life and making them applicable to you all, well at least I try to. This time is no different.

I took time to look at myself and really evaluate what I wanted from this point forth. I realized I don’t want the typical things women my age would want. Like being or getting married and two or more children with a pet or two. You see, I took a different route. I tried getting a husband in  hopes of starting a family when I was 18 leading up to recently. When in reality I should have been focusing on my career. Thinking that I would have the chance to better myself while I was with my husband and had my many kids, but that’s not the way things worked out.

I found out life is a whole lot harder than what grown ups back then made it look like. There aren’t abundant amounts of chances given to every and anyone. You have to take what you want, you can’t wait for someone to give it to you; you’ll be waiting forever if you think that’s gonna happen.

In short life is a beast and sometimes you have to fall down a couple of times, get a couple of  scrapes and scars before you finally understand the lesson you were being taught. There is no shame in learning late. The same comes when you take all the experiences from your life and you didn’t allow them to do what they were intended to do, which is teach. 


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