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Ride or Die

There is a concept that many women have been introduced to over the years, and that is being a ride or die for the man their with.


To be honest I fell into the trap of thinking that was the way to be. But as you grow up a light goes off, and you realize you can do better by yourself. I mean really; who wants to be with someone that isn’t even trying to get themselves together? Not me, I know that for sure. I know women aren’t the only ones who deal with this; but it is more expected for a woman to deal with a man’s shortcomings then it is for a man to deal with a woman’s.

Decade after decade, we see these women who spend their whole lives trying to help a man get on his feet; only to be left for someone who is the complete opposite of her; It’s getting old. Not to mention, she can’t get back all those years she gave to you. Those years are forever gone. True there was a lesson that came from it; but once someone has been through something like that it’s hard for them to trust and love again. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just hard.

Then you have other women it fazes, but they don’t let that instance or instances stop them from finding love; they just become more cautious about the type of person they choose to entertain. To those women, I take my hat off to you because it takes a lot to give all you believed you had. Then muster up the courage to go out here and try it again. 

Relationships aren’t easy. I always say they’re like a job. 

Just because you haven’t doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to keep it.

Many times you have to work harder to keep it, than you did to get it.


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