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Good Morning Y’all!!!!

Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas break, for those of you who were lucky enough to get one (me).

As I always say this time of year is for loving those who are in your life. And if you don’t have anyone else to love, love yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. Maybe it’s just not your time yet to have someone special, but that time is coming. If that isn’t a main concern for you and you have parents, brothers, sisters, cousins to love on; that’s a beautiful thing too.Image result for struggle love%MCEPASTEBIN%

But the truth about this time of year is you want someone to share those timeless experiences with. That’s why I really believe we get into and stay in relationships that aren’t working for us, some of us anyway. Then there are others who have been blessed  with their Mr. or Ms. Right from farther than they can remember.

I know I speak about being attached a lot, that’s because I really would love to have found my husband by now, but these men out here in South Florida be playing games. So I’m gonna keep doing what I can do; and that is focusing on how I can make this life better for me so I won’t have to go through a life full of struggle.

My whole point for this post is: you don’t have to be attached to someone to have a nice or exciting holidat experience. The bright sit is there are far more things you can do  while single that you would never be able to do while in most relationships. So instead of looking at the negative focus on the benefits. You might actually enjoy yourself.

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