Experiences, Feelings, Rant, Thoughts, Venting


Morning Good People!!! Hope life is treating you well.

There is always something you’re going to have to deal with. As you may have guessed I’m not the type of person who likes conflict; hate it. But it seems like something is always happening to were I’m involved in something I didn’t intend on getting myself into.

If you didn’t know I’m someone who avoids occured moments at all costs. I hate feeling uncomfortable. I’m telling you, I believe that was my initial reason for wanting to work by myself. Cause at least working for yourself you for the most part control the situation.

People say, “Get a backbone!” But how when being this way has helped me so much in moving through the world?

Final Thought

I know at some point in time I will be that person who speaks up but I guess it’s just not now.

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